Thursday, April 5, 2007

Magee to Chicago?

To start, I hear A LOT of rumors from A LOT of sources. Only about 35% actually comes to fruitation. This is part of the reason I created a blog. This one is a "I heard from a guy who heard from a guy" sorta thing.
In order to sign a Designated Player like the team wants to do, a player from the 18 man roster needs to be released in some way, shape or form. Well, that player might be Mike Magee. Magee has spent most of his career on the verge of breaking out but injuries have set him back. To start the 2007 season, Magee will be on the bench along with four other forwards so the trade makes sense. What makes more sense is that the trade will be for a draft pick (2nd round pick in 2008) and Chicago is where Magee is from. Add in that they can use another forward and this adds up. I'll keep you updated as I hear more.
UPDATE: While watching The Ultimate Fighter tonight (my other passion), I received a phone call from a source telling me I "was full of (you know what)." I contacted my source from which I heard this initally and he is standing by what he heard. I'll keep you posted.

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