Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where Are They Now-MetroStars 1997 Trialists

In continuing with last week's post, I did some more research and all the names that were associated as players/trialists for the MetroStars in 1997 are now included.

Scott Lamphear-The year was 1995. College's Division I first team consisted of names such as Clint Mathis, Matt McKeon, Andy Williams, Jesse Marsch, Brandon Pollard and…Scott Lamphear. After trading away their first round college draft pick (which ended up being Eddie Pope) the MetroStars drafted in Lamphear as their first college pick with the 11th pick overall. Scott Lamphear made a deal with the MetroStars that he would finish college and then join the team. On January 26th, 1997, he joined the Metros and almost made the final cut wearing jersey #25. However, Lamphear ended up being waived at the last cut. In 2001, Lamphear became Colorado College’s assistant mens coach until 2002 when he switched to the women’s assistant coach at Colorado College until January 21st, 2006. He has since gone missing…hopefully in his Engineering field that he postponed his MLS career for.

Will Kohler-In the second round of the 1997 MLS College Draft, the MetroStars drafted Will Kohler out of Harvard. Kohler missed training because of classes and wouldn’t have been able to join the team until the summer. He was about to sign with the team wearing #22 but after hearing what kind of salary he would earn, Kohler decided that his Harvard education would pay better on Wall Street. Can't argue with that. Especially in MLS circa 1997.

Roger Forzman -Forzman joined the MetroStars on their 1997 preseason tour of Italy. Roger Forzman saw time in two games before being let go. The Swedish player played in the Nicola Caricola Tribute Game against Genoa and a day earlier against the Serie C U21 National Team. Forzman was let go after that game and vanished since.

Gerry Lucey-On July 30th, 1997, the MetroStars called up Gerry Lucey from the North Jersey Imperials for an exhibition game against the Long Island Rough Riders. After his lone exhibition game, Lucey returned to the Imperials until the start of 1998. At that time, Lucey signed with the Long Island Rough Riders where he played until 2001. Lucey then retired from the game and continued his coaching career, which he started while playing. From 1994-2001, Lucey was the Head Coach/Assistant Coach for both the Mens and Womens programs at C.W. Post University in Long Island, NY. From 2001-2004, Lucey took over the reins with the Countryside Soccer Club. From there he became the assistant coach at the University of Tampa from 2004-2005 but left to coach West Chester University (Pennsylvania) where he posted a 23-1 record. On July 23rd, 2007, Lucey rejoined the University of Tampa as the women’s coach.

Jasmin Samardzic-Samardzic was a forward that joined up with the MetroStars during their 1997 preseason tour in Italy. He played in a whopping one game with the MetroStars against the Serie C U21 National Team. After not making the MetroStars squad, Samardzic bounced around in Europe, particularly Croatia, playing for Eintracht Braunschweig in Germany’s 3rd division in 98-99, and in Croatia for NK Rijeka, NK Pomorac in 2001-2002, NK Zagreb in 2002-2003, and HNK Rijeka in 2003-2004. Since then I am unsure of his whereabouts. I was told that he is a powerful person in Bosnia’s political cabinet being the Minister of Refugees but I have also heard that it is not the same person, just the same name…oddly enough.

Kenny Santos-Along with Gerry Lucey, MetroStars also called upon Kenny Santos for his first and only time donning the MetroStars jersey. After his game with the team, Santos coached the Jersey Riptide U17s and then moved on to become the assistant coach for Monmouth University’s Mens team from 1999-2001. He also switched careers and became a school teacher. He is currently the Head Coach of Red Bank Catholic Girls High School team.

Dave Stewart-With the 25th pick in the 1997 Supplemental Draft, the MetroStars drafted Dave Stewart who had been playing with the El Paso Patriots of the USISL in 1996. Stewart joined the team in Italy for the preseason tour and almost made the team wearing #13 but when the teams had to trim down, Stewart was cut. Where he went from there? One of the few mysteries I do not know.

Renato-Renato’s story will appear during the 2004 edition of these write-ups. He appeared on the preseason roster in both 1997 and 2004.

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